Interior Trim

Wear and tear

Time eventually takes its toll on your vehicle’s interior. Those nice dash plastics, door trims and leather seats that once made your cabin so comfortable can split and tear with day-to-day use and sun exposure. This wear and tear is a common factor in degrading your vehicle’s resale value as well as generally making it an unsightly space for you to in habit.

Hillseez interior repairs – wherever you are

Hillseez provides both workshop and mobile service repairs for car interior plastic s, vinyl s and leathers, covering the entire Perth Metro area, Kalgoorlie, Geraldton and Bunbury to deliver the solution you need.

Good as new

25 years experience tells us you don’t necessarily need to rush out and replace your interior parts. Leather, vinyl and plastic repairs are the cost effective alternative. Whether you have cracked or damaged dash and door trims, split and torn leather/vinyl seats or carpet suffering from general wear and tear, Hillseez use special repair technique s and brilliant colour matching methods to restore your car’s interior back to how it should look and feel. We also offer floor heelpad replacement.

Examples of our work

Vehicle Interior Trim Before Vehicle Interior Trim After
BEFORE – Vehicle Interior Trim AFTER – Vehicle Interior Trim
Boat Seat Before Boat Seat After
BEFORE – Boat Seat AFTER – Boat Seat
Console Repair before Console after
BEFORE – Console Repair AFTER – Console Repair